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General Service & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important for any air-conditioning systems. It allows the systems to last longer and incurs lower running costs.

We offer contract servicing packages and ad-hoc services to cater the needs of our customers.

Well Trained Technicians

Receive top-notch maintenance services with our team of constantly trained, upgraded and safety-oriented workers. We provide professional, quality work and offer reliability to our customers.

We also keep ourselves updated and relevant to technology and industry trends.

Maintenance Contract (Residential & Commercial)

We provide maintenance contract services so that you can leave your air conditioners in our professional and efficient care.

Customizes the maintenance contract to suit the needs of individual customers and offer professional advice on breakdown services during the length of contract.

We currently provide maintenance contract services for many commercial companies in Singapore.

We can assess the condition of air conditioners before providing quotation for approval.The assessment is complimentary with no obligation.

General Servicing

Covers Following:

Dismantling of FCU cover, filter and drain pan for cleaning.

Cleaning and brushing of the cooling coil.

Vacuuming and cleaning of the blower.

Vacuuming and clear the drainage pipe from chokes.

Reassemble all the parts after cleaning.

Test run the system

Checking refrigerant pressures and running ampere at optimum levels.