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03rd December 2022


  • Established company that specializes in air-conditioning work.
  • Integrated one-stop hub for a cool lifestyle!
  • Continue to build confidence among consumers through the years with our dedicated professional team.
  • Instantly connect to needs of our clients.
  • Active participation in servicing and installation over the years.
  • Built a valuable team of competent and dedicated staff.
  • Vast experiences enable us to provide our customers with timely, cost effective and professional services.
  • Choosing the right experience and a trusted aircon servicing company for the long run.
  • Providing quality air-conditioner maintenance, installation and repair for residential and commercial premises.
  • Service teams led by qualified supervisors who possess had relevant qualifications from recognized institutions.
  • Maintain the highest level of quality and reliability in our services without comprising on safety regulations.
  • Pursuing excellence through continuous improvement.
  • Maintain 100% accident free at all jobsites.

Air-con Servicing

  • One-time general aircon servicing & aircon maintenance
  • Contract basis for aircon servicing & aircon maintenance
  • Aircon chemical wash (chemical cleaning) service
  • Checking & troubleshooting for faulty aircon

Chemical servicing

  • Dismount fan coil unit
  • Dismantle fan coil unit into parts
  • Cooling coil before chemical servicing
  • Applying chemical on to  the cooling coil
  • Using chemical to clean all parts (except electrical component)
  • Cooling coil after chemical servicing
  • Assemble all fan coil unit individual parts
  • Re-install fan coil unit
  • Test run the system